Beyond The Horizon

A non-profit voluntary platform for supporting the poor.

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BH strongly believes that a little support might contribute to a big change in someone’s life. What is little for us can be a big support for the people who are in need.



Under health component, BH organizes health camps to serve many people at one stop and offers immediate health services with referral arrangement. BH provides long term treatment support to Thalassemia patients. It aims to provide long term support to school children until they are grown up and able to manage their treatment from their own earnings.



The objective of BH is to develop human capital by providing financial and moral support for education. BH provides long-term financial support to potential students and remains in touch with each student while providing them with moral support and inspiration. It is expected that in the future they will come to the forefront as supporters of BH.



The life and livelihood component is designed to cater different types of needs of the poor and destitute people starting from warm clothes to shelters. It plans to establish rehabilitation centre for the aged poor people having none to look after in the family.


About Us

Beyond the Horizon (BH) takes small initiatives to make qualitative changes in the lives of the helpless people while ensuring transparency and integrity. It’s a non-profit voluntary platform for supporting the poor. Our strengths are honesty and love for the people around us. We ensure transparency at every step and maintain proper documentation. That’s our strength! We are open to accept any sort of contribution including Zakat. We maintain religious norms while spending Zakat. We maintain regular contact with contributors, send reports to them and keep them updated on strategic shifts and new BH initiatives.


We’re a group of passionate and dedicated persons who want to make a difference. In one magical moment, we framed our thoughts under the banner of Beyond the Horizon. Let us introduce ourselves:

Hasin Jahan

Golam Sarwar

Sirajul Islam

Arif Abdullah Khan

SG Mahmud

Amar Thikana


BH believes that it is a collective effort and you are welcome to be a part of this initiative. You can join us as an Associate Member or a Contributor or both.

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